Understand how to answer the employer’s / buyer’s question: What do you offer me?




What do I offer?

I help people to understand themselves and portray this to a potential employer as it is only at this point they can then work out where they want to go and formulate a strategy to get there.


Within the universities I work with undergrads and postgrads as well as working for companies who want to know what they potentially can offer to their customers.


My style is question lead, taking you on a personal journey thus maximising the understanding of the process and visualising an end point of where they would like to be.


I work with many of the leading business schools around the world, individuals and companies looking to find out what they “really” offer their customers

I am the co-author of the best seller “Pitch Yourself” published in 67 countries. We wrote this when we resigned from our jobs without another to go to back in the year 2000, as it is said "necessity is the mother of invention".


It was by using our experience from the worlds of advertising and marketing, we took these principles & applied them to the individual to enable them to build their own personal marketing strategy required for every step of the recruitment process. This had not been done before to extent we did it. Others now follow these ideas


We designed the Career DNA Bank, a tool for life enabling users to identify and evidence their Transferable Assets (e.g. what actually differentiates us all from each other). It does reap success as it ensures people answer the employer's question: What do you offer me?

London Business School said: "Creating your own personal Career DNA Bank will be one of the best investments you could make in your career progression"

Creating your own personal CAREER DNA BANK will be one of the best  investment you can make in your career progression

London Business School


Career DNA Bank

The Career DNA Bank, is a tool for life enabling users to identify and evidence their Transferable Assets (e.g. what actually differentiates us all from each other and what employers are looking for).

This sounds simple enough but it does require effort, like many things in life the more effort you put in the more you get out. It does reap success as it encourages people to answer the employer's question: What do you offer me?

1. we demonstrate our behaviours, traits personality &    characteristics,

2. employers look for how we think

3. and they measure this within their competency framework

So it is essential we understand this as these are our features our product knowledge and the start of the process.

Consultancy Work


Working with many companies to help with their communications:



 Two of the latest projects:



Brand Audit and the development of the Corporate Brand Identity for an American Family Law Group



Content Management and Distribution set up for an Australian based company Ethical Trading Co. They produce organic and fair trade products and were looking for retail distribution networks here in the UK. Part of this includes the development of marketing collateral for a large social media campaign and the creation of a new recipe book now available



Business Schools:




London Business School (England)

IMD (Switzerland)

IESE (Spain)

RSM (Holland)

Henley Management College (England)

Manchester Business School (England)

Strathclyde Graduate School of Business (Scotland)

Edinburgh University Management School (Scotland)

Durham Business School (England)

Glasgow School of Management (Scotland)

Oxford SAID (England)

Insead (France)

Oxford Brookes (England)

Imperial College London (England)

Leeds University Business School (England)

Leeds Metropolitan Business School (England)

ESADA (Spain)

Sheffield University Business School (England)

Sheffield Hallam University Business School (England)

Cranfield (England)

Nottingham Business School (England)

Bath Business School (England)

Bristol Business School (England)

Gloucester University (England)

DMU (England)

Sussex University (England)

Kingston Business School

Wolverhampton Business School (England)

Aston Business School (England)

Leicester Management Centre (England)

CASS (England)

Lancaster Business School (England)

Bournemouth Business School (England)

Plymouth Business School (England)

IAE (France)

Nyenrode (Holland)

Vlerick (Belgium)

EDHEC (France)


Australia & New Zealand


Melbourne Business School (Australia)

Brisbane Business School Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (Australia)

Otago Business School (New Zealand)

Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

Victoria University Wellington School of Business (New Zealand)

Unitec (New Zealand)


North America



Queens (Canada)




What leading

Business Schools Say

What Recruiters HR

and Employers Say

What the

Audience Say

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What the Papers Say

  • LBS

    "Creating your own personal Career DNA Bank will be one of the best investments you could make in your career progression"

  • MIT Sloan School of Management US

    “The concepts of Transferable Assets and competencies are so on-target that each member of the team has been give a copy of Pitch Yourself to use as a tool in their student resume coaching”

    Our MBA students who have used Pitch Yourself as a resume guide have found it to be 100% useful in their resume preparation



  • NW University, Kellogg School of Management US

    A truly unique way to differentiate one's self on a hiring manager's desk.

  • London Business School UK

    "Preparation is everything, yet so few of us spend the time to prepare properly for job interviews. Doing as the Faust's suggest and spending the time to create your own personal Career DNA bank will be one of the best investments that you could make in your career progression."

  • Cass Business School UK

    “So much more than a book on preparing your CV: The Fausts approach is applicable in all facets of job hunting. The concepts of the “Personal Promise” Transferable Assets & “Career DNA Bank” are robust, well thought out and easy to communicate. They form key building blocks in our career development and swiftly entered into the student vocabulary.”

  • Oxford SAID Business School UK

    “A refreshing approach and we are certainly introducing this to our MBA students.”

  • IMD Switzerland

    “A refreshing approach and we are certainly introducing this to our MBA students.”

  • Kent Business School

    “Such a simple way to look at the CV realigning its focus from the past to the future and from the seller’s perspective to the buyer’s perspective”

  • Oxford Brookes University UK

    “The Faust brothers have given us the first piece of eminently sensible new thinking in years on how to re-write your CV.”

  • CEO Working Links (Employment) Ltd

    “We work with people who have become distanced from the labour market and who would often struggle to gain an interview based on a traditional CV. I welcome the way “Pitch Yourself” shows people how to think differently about themselves and then demonstrate to an employer transferable assets and experience that we all have, in a convincing and relevant manner.”

  • CEO Manpower PLC. The world’s Biggest Employment Agency

    “The War for Talent is here to stay. In their search for the best people, recruiters will need to work harder. The Elevator Pitch will make it easier for them. Its clarity and focus will propel the best suited candidates straight to interview….. Why not give yourself this unfair advantage?”

  • CEO Major Players leading marketing recruitment agency (London)

    “I hope it becomes industry standard”

  • Director Harvey Nash / FirstPersonGlobal (UK/US/Europe/Asia)

    “Clear, concise and compelling – Pitch Yourself drags the traditional CV kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Its essential reading.”

  • Head of HR for T-Mobile (Europe)

    “I wish all candidates would use these techniques”

  • Head of Digital AAR. The agency selection service

    “To gain a true insight into your capabilities and secure your ideal job, read this book”

  • Mike McAra


    Global Energy Markets I Research I M&A I Business Development I Professional Geoscientist I MBA

    I had the pleasure of attending a two-day short course hosted by Bill Faust. He presented our MBA class with an effective new tool, The Career DNA Bank, which several of us now plan to integrate into our CV's. Bill is a passionate, energetic and humorous person who held our attention from the moment he walked in the room. I thoroughly recommend both Bill and his methodology to anyone looking to:

        a) Learn more about their true competencies as an individual and;

        b) Create a new, competency based CV.

    Thanks Bill

  • Danny van den Hurk


    Business Strategy Consultant | Analytical | Ambitious | Strategic | MSc International Business & Management W/D graduate

    I attended the ‘Pitch Yourself’ presentation, by Bill Faust, at the University of Bradford School of Management. Bill Faust is able, through his experience, enthusiasm and interactive way of presenting, to motivate and interest the audience during the whole presentation. His way of presenting, and what he presented, really inspired me. I can say that this presentation is one of the best I have ever attended.

     This presentation offers you a complete different view on how to present yourself both on paper and in person. It offers you a framework for defining what your real competencies are. By really knowing your competencies, you are able to market yourself, which enables you to land the position that you are passionate about.

     I would strongly advise you to read the book ‘Pitch Yourself’ and when you have the opportunity to attend one of his presentation, you should not think twice, just attend it!

  • Oliver Norman


    Wealth Advisor at Covenant Multi Family Office

    I have had the privilege of working with Bill throughout 2011. Extremely bright, diligent, enthusiastic and a great sense of humour. I recommend him to all

  • Tom Ryder Runton


    MBA Graduate (Bournemouth University)

    I recently attended Bill's lecture on 'Effective Self Marketing' as part of my MBA studies at Bournemouth University.

    Bill's insights and knowledge are vast and inspiring; his considerable experience clearly showed. He demonstrated how vital self marketing is in the current commercial climate, and how effective a considered, specific and thorough strategy can be.

    His delivery was excellent; his down-to-earth, approachable nature made the lecture immensely entertaining and highly pertinent. His presentation of thoroughly researched materials, complete with relevant case studies, made the whole experience very informative, enjoyable and useful.

    I would highly recommend Bill and his company, Career DNA Bank Ltd., to anyone who wished to capitalise on pitching into the right career position. His book, 'Pitch Yourself' (co-written with his brother) is a superb read and an indispensible guide to facilitate this


  • David Shairp


    London Business School: Sloan Master.

    An opportunity to stand out from the CV crowd. This book helped me do just that.

    Pitch Yourself was recommended by the careers service at the London Business School where I was doing the Sloan Masters programme after a 20 year career in finance.

    It shows how to sell yourself effectively using clear and concise language. The Faust’s approach is logical, straightforward and it works. The acid test: What did the recruitment professionals think? I have been applying for senior positions competing against 80-90 equally qualified people to make a short list of 6-8. You need to differentiate yourself and stand out. This approach does just that. Head hunters love the list of competencies relevant to the role, as well as a brief career history.

    The proof was feedback I received, far better than the feedback I had had, when I sent my original CV.

    The beauty about this book is its new approach which, is exceptionally clear, logical, well thought out and jargon free. In short, it allows you to portray yourself as you are – in your own words, rather than in the straitjacket of a conventional CV.


  • Michael B. Griffiths


    Cultural Insight & Strategy, TNS

    Meeting Bill Faust changed my life. His book “Pitch Yourself” revolutionized the way I thought about my career. Bill and I were introduced through a mutual contact at our university careers service. Bill immediately struck me as being friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. A series of telephone discussions led to my reading his book and working through my “Career DNA Bank” – Bill’s approach to defining your key attributes, achievements, and where to take these in the future. This required considerable time and effort, but it was imminently clear that this was an investment worthwhile making. Essentially, the book provided a framework for helping me better understanding myself and how this could be best marketed. I am still realizing the benefits now. As my career has developed over the years, and I have been challenged to change direction, refine my approach, and develop new skill sets, I have repeatedly returned to Bill’s teachings and applied these afresh to my situation. At every critical juncture I have found Bill there, ready to offer personal consultation. In this respect he stands out from other more superficial careers-marketing trainers: he understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to career development; he understands that the power to drive your future has to come from you in the first instance; and he has what it takes to help you through that process of Discovery. Bill is a winner, and has my highest recommendation.

  • Denys POULET


    Biomass Fuel Sourcing Officer in charge of Regional Institutional Relationships at E.ON

    Bill is a high skilled professional on career transition management. And it is a great pleasure to attend to his presentation (I met him last October at the IAE Aix Graduate Scholl of Management, France). I strongly recommend you have a thorough look in his advices you could find in "pitch yourself", the best seller you should have read.

  • Zara Koleva


    Relationship Manager at State Street

    After the guest lecture of Bill Faust at Nyenrode Business University, my perception about approaching a potential employer or a recruitment agency changed completely. Bill`s insights regarding Why is it important to Market Yourself and How to Pitch Yourself were of great value for me, as a prospect masters graduate.

    Bill`s distinct approach to his audience allows him to make the lecture much more interactive and to capture the attention of everyone! He creates interest in everyone and this enhances the in-class learning process. Personally, I have not had a more inspiring and genuinely useful lecture !It was a great pleasure to grasp the information Bill was willing to share with our class and I am convinced it would be of significant benefit for every young professional or fresh graduate to read Bill`s book and try to understand the concept of Career DNA Bank because there are life-long useful lessons.

    If I have a chance to participate once more in Bill`s lectures or workshops, I would definitely grab the possibility

  • Mahsa Gharebaghi


    Imperial College London MBA

    This book will change the way you market yourself. It provides practical advice that takes the best marketing thinking for pitching products and helps you apply these techniques to you. Simple and easy to read this book is a must have for anyone thinking of applying for a new job. Ditch your old CV now - something better has come along.

  • Florentin Odenwald


    Michelin MSC

     It was a pleasure to meet Bill Faust as his enthusiasm for the subject matter was infectious. His way of speaking captured the audience from the beginning. His energy and passion transfers to all listening. His sensible & practical thinking regarding for recruitment process was straight forward and works with a key message of being on target, on message and on time. Brilliant book and a great speaker

  • Get it right first time By Adrian Galindoon

    This book was practical with just one objective to get you the job you want. It did just that for me. Like most of us I was using effectively the same CV I had been using since leaving university and had not given the process any thought since. The book made it possible for me to breakdown the recruiting process into building blocks. I could critically analyse each stage and take a measured approach to answering the employer's question: What do you offer me? I would suggest, if you are serious about getting yourself to the top of the short list for interview before the next candidate, get a copy of this book.

  • Mr. P. Miles

    What can I say, I bought this book recently and rewrote my CV and sent it off to a number of companies. Previously I hadn't had many replies but having changed my CV and my outlook due to this book I got offered every job I applied to. Can't argue with that - well worth the price.

  • Understanding what your CV says about you

    I purchased this book thinking, "I'll Give it a go" but seriously credit to the authors Bill and Michael Faust.

    The book is fantastic, it offers the reader an insightful perspective on Who they are and how they work. The best part is all of, this is done with a set of easy to follow exercises.

    The net result is a greater understanding of yourself and your competencies for a prospective employer. Don't just go for any job, choose the one that's right for you.

    This is book is a well-kept secret that needs to get out!

  • A journey to remember by Ashaon

    I purchased this book thinking, "I'll Give it a go" but seriously credit to the authors Bill and Michael Faust.

    The book is fantastic, it offers the reader an insightful perspective on Who they are and how they work. The best part is all of, this is done with a set of easy to follow exercises.

    The net result is a greater understanding of yourself and your competencies for a prospective employer. Don't just go for any job, choose the one that's right for you.

    This is book is a well-kept secret that needs to get out!

  • GO: Great Investment

    This book has paid off already - it has revolutionised the way I format my CV. Very thought-provoking and with useful sample CVs also provided. A very good purchase and easy to read

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Edition

    A CV Revolution: Guaranteed to land you that interview

  • Financial Times

    “A more effective CV, explains who you are and how you work”

     “The Faust brothers are describing not only a way to live with competencies in recruitment but also a way for candidates to make the best of them in attempting to secure a job”

     “if we know that recruiters are looking for competencies we need to make sure that they are easily identifiable in our CV,"

    “Using a framework that emphasises a candidate's competencies allows a CV to be directed towards the demands of a particular job or career.”

  • Evening Standard

    “Replace the CV with a clear and concise sales tool to maximise opportunities and open doors.”

    “Pitch Yourself focuses on your traits, skills, abilities and methods to define and predict how you will perform in the future, rather than what you did in the past.”

    “It is (usually) a one page, fast point of reference for employers, highlighting what makes you different from the rest of the CV crowd.”

    “Best Quote:  “Elevator Pitches are designed to be hard-hitting, no fuss, no nonsense strategic personal sales documents”

     “A straightforward, clear and concise read. Not only do you gain a true insight into your true capabilities, but also you gain an effective format that will work for both you and your potential employer.”

  • Guardian

    “The modern alternative to the CV shows conviction and determination better than any CV could have done”

    “It certainly works” “written in a language employers understand… and is proven to work"


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